When people first heard about Caddies, they thought we were crazy…

They probably still do – mixing a golf course with a restaurant and bar is a laughable idea. Well, we have so much fun that we’re laughing all the time.

Sure, it’s a crazy (golf) idea – but the most fun things are!

They (don’t you just hate ‘them’) said that mixing a restaurant, a chef’s business, a cocktail bar, and a themed attraction into one would cause four times the problems.

It didn’t – it led to four times the fun!

If someone says you shouldn’t do something – it’s even better when you pull it off.

Like being a restaurant that has great BBQ and home-smoked meats on the menu while also having a delicious range of vegan dishes created by our fine dining chef.

Right next to people playing golf.

Or having two 9 hole courses of a so-called ‘kids game’ like crazy golf in the same place as a bar with professionally mixed cocktails… and giving it all a 70’s retro vibe.

Crazy, right?

Crazy fun!

At Caddies, we’re committed to giving each and every customer a totally unique and engaging experience. We’re certainly not ‘just another restaurant (or ‘just another bar’ or ‘just another golf course’).

Caddies is continually pushing the boundaries of entertainment dining to make sure you have a great time, whether it’s as a family or out with your friends – or even beating your frenemies on the golf course.

If you want to play a round of golf, eat some great food, try some delicious cocktails or just soak up the ambiance – it’s your choice. If you want to do everything, you can do that too!

Caddies is a restaurant that has something that other places are just missing. Caddies is a restaurant with balls.


  • 1296

    Golf is played for the first time in Scotland. The Dutch are already playing a game called colf, but who cares about that!

  • 1744

    The first set of golf rules is introduced in Edinburgh. It forbids people from removing bones when they are playing a shot. Reports that Georgian golfers played in cemeteries are unconfirmed.

  • 1764

    A round of golf at St. Andrews is reduced from 22 to 18 – a standard that has remained ever since, until we went crazy and made 2 nine hole courses.

  • 1916

    The PGA of America is founded – and the first PGA championship is won by an Englishman.

  • 1970

    The swinging sixties are over, but the funky seventies start – and the amazing strides in decor that were made in that decade can be seen in Caddies today.

  • 1990

    In June the skies went black, calves were found with two heads and the ancient prophecy was fulfilled. Also, George & Scott were born.

  • 2017

    After a long time of planning, on the 1st December, Caddies was built by a team of friends, family members and local tradesmen who all fell in love with the idea of a wacky place to eat, drink, play golf and have fun(you try explaining to an electrician you want a chicken shed wired up so the chickens have a PA sound system to sing Tom Jones hits).

  • 2018

    On the 18th of May, the first Caddies opened in Southend. In the first month alone, over 15,000 people were entertained by Caddies and took on our Golf Courses – and this number has continued to rise as the infectious nature of Caddies spreads.

    There isn’t anywhere quite like Caddies, everyone who chipped in to bring it together knew that and the thousands of visitors who come through our doors for a laugh can never quite describe it. It is why we get so many people come in just to experience the craziness that their friends have tried to describe to them.

  • 2019

    On January 1st, it was a very good new year. Two leases were signed, for a further two Caddies venues to open in 2019 in other Major UK Cities. Meaning the Caddies story is only at the beginning!

    Never – someone will complete the 9 holes of Mulberry Thicket and the 9 Holes of Raspberry Hawthorne with just 18 balls. It’ll never happen!