• Everyday
  • 12 London Rd, Southend-on-Sea SS1 1NT
  • Open till Close

Fancy Winning a Free Round of Crazy Golf? Of course you do! Well, at Caddies that dream could become a reality with our ‘Grand Fireplace’ – located at the end of both of our courses, you simply putt your ball into the Fireplace for a chance to win.

Every player gets one chance at the end of a round to chance their luck – lose, and Lord Caddie insults you, Win – and Lord Caddie (and the entirety of Caddies) will rave! Don’t worry if you’re rubbish at Crazy Golf, this is not a game of skill, but a chance of luck.

Oh…and if you do win, be sure to have your dancing shoes ready – you will be made to dance in front of our entire restaurant, good luck!

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